About Me

Hi! My name is Kevin and I'm a college student in Boston, MA, although originally from Austin, TX.

I have many interests and so I dabble in a lot of activities.
I also go by TheReddKing.

Coding Portfolio

Some Projects

Here are some projects that currently still exists. Mainly iOS and web development

  • Ponder

    Daily Journal from your new tab. Chrome, Safari, Firefox extension to help people begin journaling

  • Nookmark

    Scalable, Searchable, Sharable Bookmarks!

  • IMSwimmer

    View your swimmers times and cuts in one place!

  • VoicePlace

    VoicePlace is a proximity voice & video chat program that is focused on providing a realistic and natural experience when it comes to communicating online.

Past Projects

  • FTCRoot

    FIRST Tech Challenge (Robotics) Results Site for the 2016-2017 season (over 100 unique users daily!)
    Made with Chaosmonkeyz 11090
  • One236

    iOS Memory Game
  • QuickHW

    iOS Homework taking app
  • Revolver Game

    NodeJS Game made for CS project in high school

Past Projects Cont.

  • Mispelled

    Test your knowledge on commonly misspelled words and see if you're up to the challenge to tell the difference

  • Expanding Circles

    Rediscover the world of color in this challenging puzzle game

  • MADS 24

    4 cards to 24!


I love conversations! Message me on facebook (if you can find me) or send an email (I usually respond pretty quickly!)